5 Out of the Box Ways to Celebrate Your Love on Valentine’s Day

It’s no surprise that some single people dislike Valentine’s Day. However, even those in a relationship may not look forward to February 14th. Expectations run high. Options seem to run low. Or do they? Yes, roses and chocolate might be considered normal ways to celebrate your love but who does “normal” anymore?

5 “Normal” Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

  • Box of chocolates
  • Bouquet of roses
  • Candlelight dinner
  • Romantic movie
  • Sunsets

No knock on any of these familiar options, there’s a reason why they’re so popular, but sometimes all the fun lies just outside of your comfort zone. Or perhaps…out of the box!

5 Out of the Box Ways to Celebrate Your Love on Valentine’s Day

1. Celebrate on a different day or for the weekend.

Let’s face it, prices are more than a little higher on Valentine’s Day. It’s not about being cheap but it is about being smart. A wise way to step out of the box is to plan around February 14th. Perhaps you pick the weekend after the holiday. If you feel one day is not nearly enough to celebrate your love, why not spread the fun over two, three, or even four days?

2. A DAY to remember

Breaking news: Romance is not limited to evening hours. If the big day doesn’t fall on a weekend, why not call in sick and have a day date? Celebrate your love with a long train ride or perhaps some outdoor fun like hiking, walking on the beach, or visiting some fun place on your list when it is less crowded. Or maybe you’re the bookstore browsing types. How about museums and art galleries? Whatever your preference, Valentine’s Day can be a fun all-day affair.

3. Shop, cook and eat together… then go out for dessert

This idea saves you money while creating some valuable together time. Here’s one possible out of the box plan to try:

  • Pick out a recipe you both love
  • Put on some sexy music and enjoy cooking together
  • Shower (together?) and get dressed up
  • Eat your meal with no distractions
  • Then go out for your favorite dessert

How about your local ice cream shop or something else that is pleasurable?

4. Sweat it out

There are many ways for you and your significant other to work up a sweat together. But have you ever tried something like couples’ yoga? The Sanskrit word “yoga” literally means to join. Taking a couple’s yoga class is a unique form of intimacy. You breathe together, learn together, and will probably laugh together. You both will leave that class feeling refreshed and invigorated.

5. Invest in Your Relationship

Another way to celebrate your love is to start couples counseling. The beauty of therapy is that it’s not just about dealing with a problem or crisis. In counseling, you can air out feelings, reconnect, and work on future goals or plans. What better way to show love and appreciation to each other than by committing to improvement together?

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